The Ember.js Times - Issue #14
Ciao Emberistas!

Thanks to the great work that has been done by Ember's community, there are lots of new updates to be shared with you this week.  Here's a short recap of what has been worked on in Glimmer, Ember, Fastboot, Ember Data and the learning resources and in the past days:
Browser Support for Ember 3.0, Ember.String deprecation RFC and more around Ember
An interesting new RFC is opening up the discussion for dropping the support of certain legacy browsers in the future major release of Ember - v3.0. Empowering users, addon authors and Ember developers to rely on a more modern baseline of native browser features per default while developing, this RFC is aiming to improve the developer experience with and alongside the framework tremendously. Be sure to check out the discussion on GitHub to learn more about the motivation for this deprecation and how the future browser support matrix for Ember 3.0 might look like. Many thanks to @rwjblue for creating this important RFC.
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Also this week the Ember.String deprecation RFC finally landed; it aims to deprecate String related prototype extensions and leads to the htmlSafe methods being moved to the @ember/template module. Many thanks again to @Serabe for working on this important RFC.
Finally, a bug fix for range input values has landed this week, which you can check out here. Many thanks to @Serabe for working on this fix, too.
A lot of community effort has been put into Glimmer this week; first, an interesting new update allows Glimmer component templates to have more than a single root element. The new bounds property allows the definition of a "main" element inside of components where the former this.element syntax wouldn't apply. You can read more about this change in the PR which landed this week and many thanks to @tomdale for implementing this feature.
Further changes have landed in the Glimmer VM this week, including a small update for a better, internal module organization here, an update to make publishing @glimmer packages to npm more straightforward here and finally another change to allow in-element rehydration. If you would like to read more about the latter change, be sure to also check out the original PR here.  
Many thanks to @chadhietala and @tomdale for working on these updates to the Glimmer VM.
Finally, some more bug fixes to Glimmer landed here, here and there this week. Many thanks to @tomdale for working on these fixes.
Cool work around the Ember Guides has landed this week, bringing more explanatory content around commonly used ES6 features in Ember apps to the tutorial pages: As part of the upcoming ES introduction for the guides, content explaining the new object literal syntax, arrow functions and const / let variable declarations has been created and added.
Many thanks to @jaredgalanis for working on these improvements.
Also further updates have landed for the Ember Statusboard which included a change on how styles are integrated, an improvement for TypeScript syntax highlighting and updating the list of champions for the Module Unification RFC.
Many thanks to @dgeb, @locks and @chancancode for working on this.
Several bug fixes and documentation updates for Ember Data
Several bug fixes have been worked on by contributors this week to improve Ember Data. This included a fix for side-loading resources which do not have a corresponding Ember Data model on the application side, the removal of the now unneeded feature-flag for the ds-extended-errors feature, a license and two documentation updates here and there, as well as a fix for Node 4.
Many thanks to @kellyselden@gabrielgrant@davelowensohn, @bmac, @lukemelia and @bantic for working on these improvements.
More tweaking has been done on a crucial PR for unblocking engines support in Fastboot this week and a dependency update has landed for the simple-dom project. Many thanks to @kratiahuja for putting in the work to make these updates land. 
Short and sweet as always, that's already it and read you again in the next Ember.js Times ✨

Be kind,
Jessica Jordan and the Learning Team
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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