The Ember.js Times - Issue #15
Huhu Emberistas!

Thanks to the great work that has been put in by awesome contributors this week, there are lots of new updates to Glimmer, Ember CLI, Ember Data, Fastboot and last, but not least, Ember this week.  Here's a short recap of what has been worked on and great reading resources you shouldn't miss out on these days:
The Road to Ember 3.0, bug fixes for improved Fastboot support and more updates in Ember
The next major release version of Ember is now officially around the corner, with the release of the last minor version of the 2.x era being planned for January 1st, 2018. In the official blog post you can learn more about the transition path from your 2.x app, the future release cycle and other planned changes. Many thanks to @mixonic for the great write up.
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As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, a RFC about the browser support of the upcoming major release Ember 3.0 has been opened and has just entered the final comment period - be sure to check it out.

A LTS bug fix around how errors are handled during route transitions now prevents errors to bubble up - an improvement which is interesting for Fastboot apps, primarily. Many thanks to @kratiahuja and @rwjblue for working on this fix. This week another bug fix landed targeted at another Fastboot relevant issue, avoiding the creation of the unneeded EventDispatcher in enginified Fastboot applications.
Many thanks to @rwjblue for working on this fix.

Loads of cleanup and update work got into Ember this week, including an update of the rsvp dependency, updates around assertions here and there,  and even more improvements here, and there as well.  Many thanks to @bekzod for working on all of those fixes.

Another documentation update now also correctly describes the return value of the empty computed macro; many thanks to @sduquej for this update.
This week a major change for making Fastboot compatible with Ember Engines has finally landed. Check out the original PR to learn more about the fastBootConfig tree hook and how to use it in your app.
Many thanks to @kratiahuja for bringing this feature to Fastboot.
Cache warning bug fixes, build and dependency updates for Ember Data
Two beta bug fixes aiming to avoid cache related warnings stemming from broccoli-babel-transpiler on landed in Ember Data this week, which you can find here and also here.
Many thanks to @xomaczar and @rwjblue for working on these fixes.

This week’s community’s work on the ember-data project also included a fix of ember-data builds in Node 4.x environments, another dependency update and a fix of the test suite here. Many thanks to @kratiahuja, @bmac and @bekzod for working on these improvements.
This week work has been put into porting test helpers in Ember CLI to the mostly already adapted class syntax. Many thanks to @twokul for working on this.

Also, the default testem.js blueprint has been updated to allow running Chrome headless in the CI environment and in full setup otherwise while testing, plus, the list of version numbers, for which one of ember-cli’s task modules will generate warnings, was updated. Many thanks to @scalvert and @Turbo87 for working on these improvements.

Finally a few dependency updates got merged here, here and there this week- many thanks to @Turbo87 and @bekzod for working on this.
This week more updates and improvements around the rehydration in the Glimmer VM has landed, including the rehydration for in-element and additional changes here, here, and there. Also, cleanup work has been done around the appending of text, the benchmark demos have found their place in their own respective repo, and the work for removing support for IE9 and IE10 in Glimmer and therefore future releases of Ember has begun as well. Many thanks to @chadhietala for working on all of these fixes and improvements.
Short and sweet as always, that's already it and read you again in the next Ember.js Times ✨

Be kind,
Jessica Jordan and the Learning Team
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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