The Ember.js Times - Issue #13
Salut Emberistas!

Many awesome contributors have been busy this week and have been delivering lots of fresh, new features, improvements and bug fixes to the Ember ecosystem. Here's a short recap of what has been worked on in Glimmer, Ember CLI, Fastboot, the learning resources and Ember Twiddle in the past days:
Various updates and fixes for the RFC 176 Ecosystem
With the adoption of the new ember module syntax becoming more and more prominent in the Ember ecosystem, several changes to packages related to the update have been worked on this week: A fix for making the ember-modules codemod usable on Windows systems is upcoming thanks to @johnunclesam and @XaserAcheron.
Furthermore, work has been put into bringing a new mappings structure to the rfc-176-data package itself and updating related tools and packages here, here and there.  Many thanks to @Turbo87 for working on this improvement and to @Serabe for working on the relevant updates.
Finally, in case you want to learn more about the proposed changes to Ember’s module API, you can read more about it in the original RFC.
In the Glimmer ecosystem focus has been put onto an internal feature, the so-called Document Heap, which is responsible for the dynamic allocation of memory for reading and writing VM instructions. This week's work related to that feature included code documentation, an improvement enabling eager reading from the server-side, pre-computed heap and another improvement related to heap dumping here. Many thanks to @chadhietala for working on this.
More work has been put into bug fixes here and there, several Glimmer submodules have been updated to benefit from changes around byte code compilation having landed in the VM recently, another internal improvement to the VM itself landed here, and improvements to the general terminology around components have been finished this week as well. Many thanks to @chadhietala and @tomdale for working on these updates.
Finally a change for bringing a custom test page to Glimmer apps is upcoming and your help is needed. Check out the description of the issue and related todos in this first pass of the PR and feel free to reach out to @rwjblue for further guidance. We welcome your support and greatly appreciate it! 💖
Improved Ember Engines support and exposed globals in Fastboot
A new configuration option for the fastboot-app-server package has landed this week, allowing you to configure your Fastboot app to expose global values to your Ember app running on the server. Many thanks to @marcoow for working on this improvement.
An improvement for unblocking engines support in FastBoot has landed this week, extending Fastboot’s config API to also consider configuration objects from engine bundles. Many thanks to @kratiahuja for working on this feature.
Lots of fixes for making the Ember Guides more concise and descriptive landed here, here, here and there this week. Many thanks to @adrianbw for working on this.
Plus, new content and some configuration improvements have landed for the status board project this week. Many thanks to @locks for working on these updates.
A couple of sweet fixes landed for Ember Twiddle this week, including a fix of flaky tests in the test suite and another fix for the build and deploy pipeline. Many thanks to @Gaurav0 for working on these bug fixes.

Short and sweet as always, that's already it and read you again in the next Ember.js Times ✨

Be kind,
Ricardo Mendes and Jessica Jordan
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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