The Ember.js Times - Issue #12
Hola Emberistas!

It's been another productive week in the Ember ecosystem and we'd like to keep you posted on the great work that has been put in this week. Here's a short recap of what has been worked on in Glimmer, Ember, Ember CLI and the Ember Inspector plugin by awesome contributors in the past days:
Introducing build pipeline strategies, ESM syntax and cloned app configurations
This week marks the beginning of a promising and long-awaited RFC aiming to bring more flexibility to the build pipeline of Ember apps. Moving away from the current approach to simply merge and concatenate input broccoli trees, the concept of an assembler and a strategy primitive is introduced to allow customisation of application pipelines via custom, user-defined strategies. The discussion on the RFC has just opened, so be sure to check it out and many thanks to @twokul for working on it:
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Work has also been put into bringing ES module syntax to Ember CLI by leveraging the @std/esm package to bring import and export to Node today. Many thanks again to @twokul for working on this feature.

Finally, latest changes to Ember CLI included an internal wording update and a follow up to the stack trace improvement for cases in which addons mutate the app configuration which landed a few weeks ago. Changing its implementation to rely on deep-copies of the config instead of freezing it, now provides caching of the config and the related performance improvements as a non-breaking change.
Many thanks to @kimroen and @Turbo87 for implementing these features and improvements.
To provide more options for building higher-order components a recent RFC proposes the introduction of a syntax for passing in multiple named template blocks into a component. You can read more about the full scope of this change and the related roadmap for Glimmer components in the RFC itself. In the context of this RFC an important change for binding the correct context to blocks has been merged this week. 
Many thanks to @mnum for working on this improvement and to @machty for creating the original RFC.

Finally, this week also brought other cool internal improvements to the Glimmer VM, including a first pass at the Glimmer VM Encoder which aims to save size on the to be compiled program. Finally, more work has been put into golden tests for Glimmer’s bundle compiler output allowing assertion of correct VM behaviour on a low, byte code level. 
Many thanks to @chadhietala for working on these features.
Keeping the codebase shiny, lots of cleanup work has been put into Ember this week, including cleanup of helpers here and there, removal of unneeded bits here and here and also here. Many thanks to @bekzgod and @alvincrespo for working on this.
Lots of great work has been put into improving the new web extension of the Ember Inspector for Firefox this week, based on the great effort which has already been put into bringing the debugging tool to FF browsers here
Many thanks to @teddyzeenny and @clarkbw for working on this feature.

Short and sweet as always, that's already it and read you again in the next Ember.js Times ✨

Be kind,
Ricardo Mendes and Jessica Jordan
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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