The Ember.js Times - Issue #22
Salutations Emberistas!

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for all our awesome contributors and community members. Check out new linting tools to help you follow best practices, some Glimmer Playground improvements, and stats on EmberJS contributions.
CLI: New linting tools for encouraging Best Practices
This week, eslint-plugin-ember was added to default linter config in future Ember releases(1). While your average linter just tells you where there are syntax errors in your code or markup, this linting tool enforces Ember best practices. For example, it includes rules for using the new modules imports, not using jQuery global $, and warning when computed properties have side effects. If you want to install this plugin right away and customize the list of rules used in your app, follow the documentation here.

Thanks to @rwjblue, @kellyselden, and @Turbo87 for internal tweaks and cleanup (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
This week, the Glimmer Playground got a new, fresh header look thanks to @nummi, and @Turbo87 completed some essential cleanup work on Glimmer’s dependences. These improvements include: replacing the quintjs dependency with the new, renamed qunit package, using async/await instead of the ‘co’ dependency for asynchronous bundle compiler tests, changing the internal TravisCI configuration to use Headless Chrome and Headless Firefox,  and updating some Broccoli dependencies. Thank you Tobias Bieniek for your work and @rwjblue for reviewing.
A month in the life of EmberJS
This week, we’d like to take a moment to highlight some statistics about the work done on the EmberJS codebase itself. Over the past month, 24 authors pushed 112 commits to master and 191 commits to all branches. On master, 311 files have changed. 65 pull requests were merged (reviewing is a lot of work!), 25 issues were opened, and 28 issues were closed. Thanks to everyone for your work!

If you are interested in learning how to contribute to the EmberJS codebase, you can drop by the #team-learning channel in the Ember Community Slack and we’ll help you get started!
✨ That's a wrap! See you again next week ✨

Be kind,
Jessica Jordan, Jen Weber and the Learning Team
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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