The Ember.js Times - Issue #21
Haloo Emberistas!

The final sprint for the EmberConf CFP is ongoing, serialization in Glimmer has been improved and lots of bugs and improvements landed in Ember projects thanks to many, great community contributors this week. Here's a short excerpt of what happened this week:
4 More Days Left to Submit Your Proposal for EmberConf 2018! 🎤 🐹 ✨
There is still some more time left to hand in your talk ideas for the EmberConf 2018 Call for Proposals and the programme commitee is looking forward to hear about your ideas! No matter if you are an experienced speaker or if you haven’t done any public speaking yet, this is the chance for you to share your experience with Ember, Glimmer and Ember-driven projects. The CFP is public, starts out blind, and features a collaborative process to help you to improve your proposal. If you’re still brainstorming on ideas, be sure to also check out the summary of this year’s CFP discussion session about interesting topics with programme committee members and past speakers. If you have questions, you can drop them in the #conf-emberconf channel on the Ember Community Slack anytime. And if you’re already set to write down your idea, don’t hesitate to submit your talk proposal today.
Submit Your Proposal
This week’s updates to the Glimmer project included a new end-to-end build verification test ensuring the integrative function of the bundle compiler, the related code generator and the Glimmer app instance.
A fix for recursive component invocation  in Glimmer’s bytecode compilation mode landed, introducing the concept of placeholder values which can be used to allocate space on the VM’s heap correctly. You can read more about the details of this fix in the description of the respective PR.

Furthermore the RehydratingBuilder has now been exposed from the application module, a fix for serialization issues regarding helpers and when running the bundle compiler has landed as well as another serialization fix here.

Finally the Glimmer API Docs have been up and running again after a fix for the json-typescript docs,  and the UX of the Glimmer main page navigation has been improved.

Many thanks to @ef4, @nummi, @t-sauer, @tomdale and @chadhietala for these updates and improvements to the Glimmer project.
Trying, Fixing & Code Coverage in Ember CLI 🛠
With the recent release of Ember v2.16, Ember CLI’s ember-try configuration now also reflects the retirement of 2.8 and the onset of v2.16 as the latest LTS release. LTS releases are a great way to focus core and addon project support efforts on relevant release candidates. You can read more about the specifics of the Ember LTS releases in the official blog post.

Also another improvement for Ember's addon blueprint now helps to prevent temporary files from being left behind by interrupted ember-try runs and inadvertently published to npm. There are also changes to add other .gitignored files from ember-try. These changes will find their way into the upcoming 2.17 release as well.
Additionally, the code coverage reports with Coveralls and Code Climate have been fixed,  the ESLint configuration has been cleaned up and ember-cli-qunit has been updated.

Furthermore, a bug when trying to remove packages from an addon project via removePackagesFromProject has been fixed and some of the Ember CLI related RFCs have been numbered correctly. Finally, several improvements to the now deprecated ember-cli-shims package have landed this week, including an update of the ember-rfc-176-data dependency, bringing yarn to the CI build and further updates (1, 2, 3, 4).

We’d like to thank @makepanic, @Turbo87, @locks, @kellyselden, @twokul, @ef4 and @rwjblue  for their contributions to Ember CLI this week.
Unified Helper API, Inflected Deprecations and more in Ember 🐹
This week several improvements regarding helpers landed: first, the factory for non-class based helpers was simplified and second,  the API returned from both class-based and simple helpers has been unified making testing of helpers more straightforward to Ember developers. Furthermore, the deprecation for the String.pluralize() and String.singularize() methods has been introduced, encouraging users to import these utils from the ember-inflector module instead in the future. You can read more about the motivation of this deprecation in the related issue.

Also a first fix for a regression around watching changes on chain nodes landed and a version update of ember-cli-version-checker paves the way to using Ember CLI together with Yarn Workspaces and the policy against eval() has been enforced by this update to Ember Inspector’s content-security-policy which also found its way into the recent Firefox patch release of the plugin. Finally, the #emberjs IRC channel has been removed from the list of suggested community channels before the advent of 2018.

A warm thank you goes to @teddyzeenny, @Turbo87, @bekzod, @ef4, @rwjblue and @locks who have been working on these improvements around Ember this week 💖
✨ That's a wrap! See you again next week ✨

Be kind,
Jen Weber, Jessica Jordan and the Learning Team
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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