The Ember.js Times - Issue #19
Cześć Emberistas!

EmberConf proposals are open, issues on partials were fixed, and we have a one-question survey for you this week! 

Here's a quick recap of another round of changes and releases Ember’s awesome community contributors were responsible for in the past days:
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We’d love to hear your opinion on which learning and reading resources benefit you the most! If you have literally 30s to share, please let us know in this very quick, one-question survey that @melsumner has set up. Thank you for your participation to help us to improve the Ember learning experience for everyone 💖
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In other news, the Guides have received a good amount of updates this week, with an update to the hbs helper part of the tutorial here, improved code example line descriptions here and there, as well as further updates to the section on Routes and Templates, Ember CLI and the Addon Installation. Some more typos and inconsistencies have been fixed here, here and there, the spacing in the documentation for computed properties is looking even better and the Docker config for the Guides has been updated here.

A warm thank you goes to @staceyastewart, @GreatWizard, @mwagz, @NullVoxPopuli, @nickschot and @rstellar for working on these changes.
With the release of Ember v2.16, the new recommended way to import application modules is the JavaScript modules APIas developed through the original RFC. In this regard, we’d not only like to highlight this excellent codemod that you can use to migrate your own Ember apps over to the new Module imports syntax today, but also this very handy cheat sheeton the RFC-176-data repository, listing all the @ember modules you'd need in your applications and code examples on how to import them. Be sure to check it out and share it with your Ember colleagues & friends! 🐹
Check out the RFC#176 Cheat Sheet
This week the first changes for allowing Glimmer’s API to pass down arguments to top-level components has landed. This now allows the public renderComponent API to take on these top-level args as parameters.
Also, an important partials bug fix affecting Glimmer applications and Ember applications from v2.15 onwards has landed this week, lifting an issue with contexts not being passed down to partials which are nested down further than one level. In this "context" ( 🤓 ), further improvements and changes to the original PR landed here and also there. Several fixes to Glimmer interfaces landed this week, too. 
With the newly released version 0.8.0 of Glimmer, blueprints and the application pipeline have been updated. Also, a fix for the Glimmer web component blueprint to be compatible with CapitalizedComponents from v0.8.0 onwards has been merged in this week. Furthermore, the Glimmer compiler’s support for external builtins from both host apps and third-party libraries has been extended, the performance of template-only components has been improved and several other fixes have landed here, here and there.

Finally, the glimmer-vm has been cleaned up further by removing a redundant file from the previous setup using lernajs, code examples in the Glimmer VM Guides have been fixed, the return type of builder functions has been modified, a helper function for component tests in the Glimmer runtime has been improved, and several fixes and updates to the Glimmer Playground landed here and there, including the new favicon.

We would like to thank @jmbejar, @nummi, @Turbo87, @Serabe, @chadhietala, @GavinJoyce, @chancancode, @krisselden, @tomdale for working on these fixes and @kratiahuja for creating several of the needed bug issues.
Become a Speaker at next EmberConf - Submit talk proposals by Nov 21st!
Last year, 20+ speakers and workshop leaders presented at EmberConf 2017. Will you be on stage for 2018? Whether you think of yourself as “new to Ember” or as an expert, a team of people are ready to support you as you draft a proposal, prepare a presentation, and practice. The Call for Proposals is open from now until November 21st. If you have something you would like to talk about at EmberConf 2018, please submit your ideas here

“Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy.”- Ms. Frizzle

Feel free to submit several ideas or proposals that you haven’t polished to perfection yet, early on in the CfP process. The friendly EmberConf Program Committee will give you valuable feedback for improving your submission further.  Also, if you have any questions beforehand, be sure to check out the dedicated #conf-emberconf channel on the Ember Community Slack Chat. EmberConf also has a mentorship program for women interested in speaking. Drop by #women-in-ember on Slack for more details.

A huge thank you to @wifelette and her support team organizing the CfP and the conference itself!
This week brings two new patch versions of the 2.16 release to the community, including an important bug fix for deeply nested partials and others which you can read more about in the Changelogs for 2.16.1 and 2.16.2.
Besides fixing context issues for partials used together with the {{each}} helper, linting and test coverage for the promise proxy mixin and for different partial use cases has been improved. On top of that, even more fixes have landed here, here, here, here and there this week.
To make this week’s contribution work to Ember resources even more“partially” focused, a new RFC opened up which aims to make the context available to partials more predictable. You can read more about the motivation in the description of the RFC itself. This RFC is also accompanied by further improvements here, here and also here.
Finally, several dependencies have been cleaned up here and there in different Ember packages.

Many thanks to @rengokantai, @deepan83, @simonihmig, @smfoote, @acorncom, @topaxi, @kumkanillam, @bekzod, @GavinJoyce, @chancancode and @rwjblue for working on these updates and publishing this week’s bug fix releases.
Ember CLI’s insertIntoFile util has been updated to take on regular expression as valid option parameters to mark the point of content insertion. Also the at times confusing livereload server url seen in the terminal output has been removed and some fixes in Ember CLI related packages like the broccoli-builder and ember-try landed here, here and there. Finally, a previously merged cherry around the insertIntoFile util has been picked for the recent beta this week.

Many thanks to @josemarluedke, @topaxi, @kategengler and @kellyselden for working on these improvements.
✨ That's a wrap up! See you again next week ✨

Be kind,
Jen Weber, Jessica Jordan and the Learning Team
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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