The Ember Times - Issue #85
Issue #85
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In this week's issue: watch the Ember.js Documentary 🍿, check out the Ember.js core team panel 📹, there's a big update to the guides 📐, a new RFC to deprecate computed().meta() 🚀, and we have an exclusive interview with Ember contributor Lisa Backer! 🎉
JavaScript was not always the dominant force in the web. Today a lot of SPA features we see around the web were pioneered by Ember. Explore the story of why and how Ember.js came to be in Ember.js: The Documentary!

Here are some quick snippets from the film:

Check out the full documentary featuring @wycats, @tomdale, @wifelette, @GavinJoyce, @balinterdi, @MelSumner, @jessica-jordan and other members of the community on YouTube!
At the January Boston Ember.js Meetup members of the Ember.js core team got together for a panel on the future of JavaScript.

Team members Tom Dale, Robert Jackson, Edward Faulkner, Dan Gebhardt and Jen Weber discussed their picks for the most exciting future developments in JavaScript and their impact on the web and the Ember.js ecosystem, followed by a super interesting Q&A. Topics included web assembly and it's effect on mobile web application performance, web workers, decorators, learning stories and more! ✨

Check out the entire archived live stream featuring @tomdale, @rwjblue, @ef4, @dgeb and @jenweber.
A new version of the Ember guides has been deployed, and it contains some exciting surprises. First of all, the guides-source and guides-app repositories have become one repository. This makes it so much more convenient to maintain and contribute. It also now uses the Guidemaker technology which means that CLI-guides and the Ember guides are using the same tech.

And now for the big surprise: The newly deployed guides now contains angle bracket invocation syntax. So, if you're looking to use angle bracket invocation syntax in your Ember application, the guides are the place to look for help.
Following the deprecation of other modifier functions of computed properties in the past (1, 2), a new Request for Comments (RFC) proposes the deprecation of the meta() modifier.

The once useful function for sharing and looking up meta information through a cp, can now be easily substituted by using WeakMaps - making the deprecation of computed().meta() possible as proposed in the RFC.

You can read more about the suggested transition path in the full proposal. And as always, don't forget to comment, too!
In our 5th edition of the contributor interview series community member Lisa Backer, also known as @eshtadc talks about her work on ember-service-worker, public speaking, the things that make open-source so valuable and why anyone in the community can be an expert who has important insights to share.

You can read the full interview on the Ember Forum.
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Wondering about something related to Ember, Ember Data, Glimmer, or addons in the Ember ecosystem, but don't know where to ask? Readers’ Questions are just for you!

Submit your own short and sweet question under And don’t worry, there are no silly questions, we appreciate them all - promise! 🤞
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