The Ember.js Times - Issue #38
હેલો Emberistas!

This week so many users, learners, contributors, organizers and other facilitators of the Ember Community came together from all over the world to meet at the annual EmberConf 2018 in Portland, Oregon. Here is a quick recap from your Ember.js Times Team: 🐹
Inspiration and Incentives for another year of Ember
This year’s EmberConf - the biggest annual conference around EmberJS - offered many insights into the current state of the framework but also into its future. In their opening keynote, both @wycats and @tomdale talk about many possibilities for Ember:

  • Native ES6 Class & Decorator Syntax - Ember apps will benefit from modern web standards even further. They also explain the current state of the Technical Committee 39 (TC39) Proposal for Decorators and how Ember.js will be able to leverage this cutting-edge feature in the future. See the related RFC on ES6 Classes in Ember on more information about the planning and implementation.

  • New <AngleBracketsSyntax> for Components - allowing not only for using single-word component names, but also making it easier to distinguish between Handlebars template helpers and component invocation. Read more in the related RFC which just opened this week, and be sure to comment with your thoughts and suggestions as well!

  • Optional jQuery in Ember Apps - reducing overall file size of applications and decluttering its dependencies. See also the related RFC on making jQuery optional here.

  • Module Unification - a proposal to unify the file system layout across the Ember app ecosystem, where files can be organized by feature instead of filetype. Read more on this topic in the Request for Comments (RFC) on Module Unification Namespaces.
You can check out the full keynote as part of the official EmberConf 2018 livestream here.

And, pssst…by the way: Many of these amazing features of the future that are mentioned in the keynote are already available in the beta and canary branches  of Ember, so use this chance to experiment and test those out today (but please, do yourself a favor and don’t push to production just yet, thank you!). 🙂
Watch the EmberConf 2018 Keynote
Melanie Sumner has joined the Ember.js Core Team, the group responsible for leadership, development, and sustainability of our favorite framework. Melanie has been working hard as a member of the Learning Team to bring accessibility to the front and center for the framework and our public resources. She is an outstanding developer and mentor, and we're so happy that she's a part of our community. Thank you Mel! 💖
Is it one of your goals to get involved in open source or help others get started?
Check out talks by @jessica-jordan (Everything They Didn't Tell You About the Ember Community) and @EndangeredMassa (Contributor Rally Mini Talk) for inspiration and instruction!

Another speaker, serenaf, explained why some recent work on the deprecations site improves the productivity for contributors and highlights why the Learning Team aims to Emberify even more applications in the future. You can check out her Mini Talk on this topic in the livestream of this year’s EmberConf. 

If you couldn’t make it to EmberConf or you actually went, but you’re still reminiscing about all the amazing talks you saw there, check out these resources: 

We’d like to mention that this newsletter wouldn’t be possible without the work of those who already dedicate their time to improve, write and review this newsletter in the first place. A big thank you goes to the editors of the Ember.js Times itself (many of which you can see in the header picture of our newsletter this week): @locks, @jenweber, @tylerturdenpants@toddjordan, @melsumner, @amyrlam, @climbingnarc, @acorncom, @sivakumar-kailasam and @jessica-jordan.

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Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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