The Ember.js Times - Issue #29
Kaixo Emberistas!

This week’s contributions to the Ember ecosystem are full of testing, preparations for Ember 3.0 and also a bunch of RFC news are in this week. Here are some of the highlights awesome contributors worked on in Ember, Ember CLI and Ember Data recently:
In Ember RFC (Request for Comments) Land you can peek into a variety of topics this week:

A super fresh Ember Data related RFC was opened a few days ago proposing a clearer public API of model data so that addon authors can leverage custom behaviour through ember-data. Specifically, popular addons like ember-data-model-fragments currently have to do a lot of heavy-lifting to provide useful functionality by overriding ember-data internals. They might benefit from this RFC as well and also their consumers through a more resilient addon structure / API.

Read the full RFC
The let template helper RFC is still in its final comment period, so be sure to leave your comments and suggestions if you are curious about creating bindings in your templates.

let it go, let it go, can’t hold me back anymore.”- Elsa

Also, with the nearing end of the Ember 2.0 era, another RFC story finally finds its ending, too. The RFC for Routable Components has been closed in reflection of the advanced progression of Glimmer architecture away from the ideas that inspired the proposal originally. You can read the final closing note by @wycat’s in the RFC itself.

Contributions in Ember have focused a lot on testing: An update of QUnit to the latest version 2.5.0, including the new fresh helper assert.rejects and time improvements around asynchronous operations, landed. The internal test helpers now feature QUnit.only, also Promise resolution through the visit helper has been improved (1, 2), Finally, an important quick fix has been merged to navigate an issue around qunit-fixtures  and make the internal test suite pass.
Also the work on the quest issue to unify the internal testing styles made lots of progress: the ember-runtime legacy, the runtime core and the ember-metal/mixin packages have been migrated this week. 

A new quest issue aims at making  jQuery fully optional in Ember, ultimately reducing the size of Ember’s vendor-related file size by a substantial margin. In this context, Glimmer tests have already been refactored to run independently from JQuery, as well as the ember-template-compiler tests

Furthermore, the named args syntax feature from the recent RFC has been activated (3, 4), a couple of kind of undocumented private ArrayProxy methods have been removed and lots of cleanup and dependency updates landed this week (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).

Many thanks to @IgorT, @rwjblue, @thoov, @ro0gr, @mikerhyssmith, @rwjblue, @chancancode, @mmun, @bekzod and @GavinJoyce for their contributions to Ember. ✨
Removing jQuery and more cleanup in Ember Data
JQuery is about to be made optional in ember-data as well and progress on this work will be tracked in the related quest issue
Also the find method has been cleaned up, saving models with unsaved belongsTo relationships now adheres to the JSON:API spec correctly and a few deprecations have been removed in preparation for 3.0 (1, 2). 

Finally, a couple of build and installation related fixes landed this week (3, 4).

We’d like to thank @bmac, @bekzod, @ryanto, @pangratz and @wecc  for their contributions to Ember Data this week. 🖖
It was a quiet week for ember-cli, but work did land to ensure that an addon’s test/dummy/apps  directories are linted using Ember’s linting rules and watcher tests have been fixed.

Many thanks to @knownasilya, @mixonic and @twokul for their work on Ember CLI this week. 🚀
✨ That's another wrap! See you next week. ✨ 

Be kind,
Jessica Jordan, Jen Weber, Brian Runnells and the Learning Team
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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