The Ember.js Times - Issue #25
Hylô Emberistas!

This week lots of bold new RFCs have been proposed in the Ember ecosystem, new testing blueprints for your unit + integration tests are coming closer and many other awesome contributors worked on Ember CLI and the learning resources as well. Here is a sum up of this week's highlights for you:
Npm install your way up to ambition ✨ and even more RFCs in Ember
This week in Ember is figuratively overflowing with requests for comments (RFCs) and here's our attempt to wrap everything up that has been proposed this week:

First, a major RFC regarding the upgrade story from minimal to more complex applications has been opened this week and is waiting for your comments. 
The proposal explains how the current monolithic ember-source package that Ember apps depend on today, can be split up into smaller, independent units giving developers more flexibility to include only those dependencies that are needed in their applications. The RFC also talks about how to provide a smooth semantic versioning strategy that developers have already become accustomed to through the well-adopted release cycle in Ember. 
If you would like to learn more about the motivation of this RFC, we can highly recommend you to give @tomdale’s blog post “EmberConf 2017: The State of the Union” another read

Other open proposals this week include the introduction of Named Args (incl. some proposal fixes here) for a clearer separation between component arguments and internal properties. Another RFC postulates a new flag allowing the creation of markup-only components free from wrapper <div>s. You might already be familiar with these semantics from the way components are rendered in Glimmer. You can read more about the motivation behind bringing these so-called “Outer HTML” semantics into template-only Ember components in the RFC itself (with some more fixes there). 
Removing one of the last wisdom teeth of the Ember 1.x era 👴, another RFC proposes the introduction of a new flag allowing to unwrap the application from its wrapper <div>. This will allow bringing “Outer HTML” semantics to the application  template as well.

Next, the open RFC for ES5 getters (with other fixes there) is worth checking out if you are curious what the future of computed properties in Ember will look like. 

Second to last, but not second least, an RFC is proposing to extend the link-to helper and to make its active state available in its yield. This will allow for more complex, route state related markup. And really last, but not least, an RFC proposing to run the model hook on all route transitions has been opened this week, ultimately making the developer ergonomics of the link-to helper - used in conjunction with dynamically segmented routes - more straightforward.

Although contributors this week must have already been quite busy writing all of these detailed proposals up, already half of these new RFCs have seen their first implementation merged in this week (1, 2, 3) 🚀.

Also further work has been done on the quest issue to update blueprints for integration and unit tests according to the new QUnit Testing API RFC by modifying the blueprints (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) and by creating the handy ember-qunit-nested-module-blueprints-polyfill (11) allowing you to get started with these new testing templates in your app today. 
Also the work around leveraging the native WeakMap feature has been cleaned up, work has been put into updating the RFC templates and so many more improvements and updates have landed in Ember this week that it’s hard to write them all out this time (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19) ✍️.

Many thanks to @bekzod, @boyanyordanov, @rwwagner90, @acorncom, @chancancode, @pizza, @sukima, @cibernox, @ryanto, @ef4, @locks, @alexander-alvarez, @thoov, @krisselden and @snewcomer for their contributions to Ember this week 🎉
Last but not least, we’d like to invite you to express your inner contributor persona and point you to a new issue which aims to unify the patterns used for tests covering Ember internals. If you would like to help out with this task, feel free to pick up any sub task that interests you from the issue description. 
Help out with internal testing
This week, several changes to the API Docs landed: You will soon find the run method in the docs of the @ember/runloop package, the categorization of several computed property methods has been improved in the docs and the inheritance link for the CoreView class has been fixed (1, 2).

Updates to the Ember website this week included a few changes to the user list (3, 4), adding the link to the EmberConf website (5, 6, 7), the deprecation guide for Ember v2.x has been updated and also the color palette has been unified and is now tidier than ever.

We appreciate the work from @MelSumner, @toddjordan, @binbsr, @rwwagner90, @HeroicEric, @jeffdaley and @locks to the learning resources this week! 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓
This week Ember CLIs util for watching file changes has been extracted into its own external module - you can check out the package over here. Also a regression regarding scoped package names has been fixed and the docs about supported Node versions has been updated. You can read the full documentation here.

A warm thank you goes to @rwjblue, @chrmod and @rwwagner90 who contributed to Ember CLI this week. 💖
✨ That's a wrap! See you again next week ✨

Be kind,
Jessica Jordan, Jen Weber and the Learning Team
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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