The Ember.js Times - Issue #6
Hello Emberistas!

This week brings a lot of new updates to Ember and popular community addons. Let's have quick recap on what happened recently:
Custom Transforms and Improved Environment Selection
This week the Ember CLI team made a bunch of internal fixes to make sure Ember CLI is running 💯 for you: Improved error stack trace, updated internal modules to a new Javascript class syntax, here and there, bumped chalk.js 
to the latest version and even fixed a funny typo. Many thanks to @twokul and @locks for working on these updates.

As you know, FastBoot 1.0 was released just last week and contributors are keeping up the hard work to make integration with it even better. Krati Ahuja has been working on an RFC to make it easier for apps and add-ons authors to import libraries depending on the environment, e.g. browser or node.js.
You can find out more about it by reading the RFC and looking through the code.

And even more is coming up soon: The RFC for huge improvements around the environment selection in Ember CLI via e.g. command line flags, NODE_ENV or EMBER_ENV, aims to ensure the correct setup of the environment defined and expected by developers and benchmark maintainers. You can have a more detailed read about the scope of this promising RFC created by @rwjblue here.
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The forth beta for the 1.0 release of ember-cli-typescript just got published, as well as improvements to RSVP and Ember typings. The team behind it would love it if you would try out the addon in your app and report any bugs you find so we can ship a solid 1.0 release.

Want to help us make the type definitions more awesome? Watch this issue (and for a related blog post) for a quest to make type definitions awesome around the whole ecosystem in another week or two! In the meantime, you can find the contributors of this addon in #topic-typescript on Slack; there’s lots to do.
The Guides received a bit of cleanup this week, with syntax highlighting fixes, removal of translation files (until a more sustainable method is found) and an update to move tests away from jQuery and towards native APIs.

In the scope of the Module Import RFC #176, there is still more work to do to update all code examples to use the new syntax and your help is needed. If you are a new contributor, this issue is a great way to get started contributing to the learning resources!
Patch version Ember CLI Fastboot 1.0.1 released
Ember-cli-fastboot@1.0.1 has been released containing a bug fix for Node ajax requests happening using ember-data.

Also fastboot-app-server@1.0.1 was released containing an enhancement to allow consumers to define host and port when creating the app server itself.
More work has been coming in for a signature on the renderComponent  method, which now accepts args- you can find out more on the topic in the related issue and many thanks to @robbiepitts  and @CvX for working on the realisation of this feature. Also more updates on test helpers, including the essential set() method have been the focus of last week’s efforts in the Glimmer ecosystem.

In the working pipeline of Glimmer you might also be able to find updates for allowing the building of higher-order components and the rendering of component into the Shadow DOM of custom elements soon. The fragment component manager is in its planning phase, and also your help with implementing and testing it is welcome 💖 
Some updates for ember-cli-addon-docs documentation landed, including improvements around the live demos. The addon has got only one more major missing piece to reach its minimum viable product status, so if you are an addon author or are planning to build your first, you should definitely keep your eyes on the offical website and look out for a working example of it soon. 
To keep it short and sweet, that's already it and read you again in the next Ember.js Times :-)

Be kind,
Ricardo Mendes and Jessica Jordan
Until the next issue, happy Embering :)
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