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The Ember.js Times

Hello, Emberistas!

It is I, @locks, bringing you some fresh inside scoops on the Ember.js development ecosystem.ย 

This week I will start with a quick update about a couple of things mentioned last time, and then we'll dive straight into sparkly new subjects.ย 

Up, up, and away!

๐Ÿ”ฅ ember.js

Issue Triaging

Issue triaging continues apace! We are currently at a total count for issues of 160s, and next to 0 unlabelled issues, meaning that new issues are looked at usually within the day. With the main ember.js repository under control, the team might expand into auxiliary repositories. As always, join us at #dev-issue-triage and help us keep this momentum!ย 


General cleanup of the repository is still in process, thanks to @krisselden's commits. Also in process is the Glimmer 2 work, keep an eye out for @chadhietala's commits.ย 

A quick shout out to @serabe, the component positional parameters master. He's addressing some issues related to positional parameters in components, so if you have a problem, talk to him ;)

๐Ÿš’ Ember Engines

In case you're not familiar with the Engines RFC, well, go read and come back. I'll wait.ย 



Oh hai, welcome back. If you liked the ideas in the RFC I have good news for you, there's an ember-engines addon being developed!ย 

A little bird told me about the recent work done to implement {โ€‹{โ€‹link-to-external}โ€‹}โ€‹. As the README eloquently puts it, it allows you to link to routes outside of an Engines' world. This could be useful in a login engine, for example, so you can tell the engine where to redirect to after a successful login.ย 

The same little bird also told me about @dgeb's pull request to ember.js. Since ember-engines was developed as an addon, it had to monkey patch some things in ember.js so it would actually work. The PR referenced makes changes to ember.js to improve its API so that the engines addon doesn't need to touch internals.

๐Ÿš€ Ember FastBoot

The premier solution to server-side render your Ember.js application. The best way to explain is to experience it. Visit the FastBoot website. Notice how it's an Ember.js application? Now go into your browser's developer tools and disable JavaScript, and reload the page. _BOOM, _magic!ย 

fastboot, nรฉe ember-fastboot-server

The FastBoot team deliberated that they were uncomfortable with how many more things besides being a server ember-fastboot-server actually did, so it was renamed to fastboot, a library to rendering Ember.js applications in Node.js. Yes, that's the actual full name, fastboot, a library to rendering Ember.js applications in Node.js. Think The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. fastboot-app-server also came about from this name change, as a rewrite of what ember-fastboot-server should have been all along.ย 

HTTP Redirection

If you love both HTTP and thorny problems, look no further than the HTTP Redirection issue. Grab a cup of tea and sit down to read @arjansingh's beautifully thorough write up of the problem.

๐Ÿ“š Learning

Help Wanted

In the ceaseless quest to make it as easy as possible to contribute to the Ember project, @acorncom is leading the Help Wanted board project. Its purpose is to bring together all the issues marked with "Help Wanted" under the same interface, so that if you're looking to contribute, you just have to open it and pick one! Help us improve this project by checking the issues tracker.

Issues are marked with "Help Wanted" when the maintainers are specifically looking for help from contributors. It can be a low priority issue that would still be nice to have, it can be a change that a contributor can address with a little back and forward, or something along these lines. They are usually beginner-friendly and require either little knowledge of internals, or a couple hours work of investigating and solving.


Lastly, I'd like to mention the ember-a11y team. a11y, shorthand for accessibility, is an important but often neglected part of building a user experience that is, for lack of a better word, accessible to as many people as possible. This can go from simple things like making sure your font is big enough, your colours have enough contrast, to keyboard navigation, and screenreader support.

That's all, folks!

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