The Ember Times - Issue No. 110
Issue #110
Aloha Emberistas! 🐹

This week: {{ opening_double_curly() }}on{{ closing_double_curly() }} & {{ opening_double_curly() }}fn{{ closing_double_curly() }} in Octane Guides πŸ”₯, Foreign Key Attrs Blog Post πŸ”‘, watch This.JavaScript: State of Frameworks on Tuesday πŸ“œ, build JAMstack websites with Empress πŸ“, versioned Ember API links added to the Guides πŸ”’, and last, but not least, an Update for Co-Located Templates in the Guides ☝️!
Many thanks πŸ‘ to @NullVoxPopuli and all the other contributors that worked on the awesome PR updating the preview of the Ember Octane Guides section dealing with @action, the {{ opening_double_curly() }}on{{ closing_double_curly() }} modifier & {{ opening_double_curly() }}fn{{ closing_double_curly() }} helper!

These updates to the Guides relate to event handling, binding of context and partial application of functions, and affect the way that actions are used in Ember Octane.

Check out the PR here. For more context, see the blog post from @pzuraq.
Ever have issues handling foreign key attributes in Ember Data?

Check out the clear and concise blog post by @skaterdav85 that continues his work on Ember Data.

The post includes good patterns that leverage the use of belongsTo in Ember Data and the necessary setups for serializers and adapters.

For a deeper dive you can also check out @skaterdav85's book on Ember Data and other blog posts.
This.JavaScript is an online livestreamed event on Tuesday, August 13th - RSVP to attend and watch it with your teams at work!

The State of Frameworks event is an opportunity for folks in the JS community from different frameworks and libraries to learn from each other and connect. You'll learn about upcoming releases, latest improvements, and community initiatives. @jenweber will be representing Ember and speaking about Octane! She'll be joined by @yyx990803 of Vue, @mhdawson of Node.js, @marvinhagemeister of Preact, @mhartington of Ionic, and @mgechev of Angular!
There are many different roads that lead developers to building fast, secure and performant websites. And one of them is by the means of the JAM Stack.

A site built on the JAMstack is often consisting of a mix of JavaScript, reusable and/or third-party APIs as well as static, ready-to-render Markup. The one obligatory feature of a JAMstack site, is that it is can be run without a dedicated web server. Common examples of tools that allow you build JAMstack sites are static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo, GatsbyJS among many others.

In his talk Empress - JAM Stack Templates for Human Beings at LeedsJS - @mansona presents static site generation solutions that empower developers and designers alike to create fast and beautiful sites on the web. And surely enough: Empress' site generators are powered by Ember! 🐹

Be sure to check out the talk over on YouTube, give a πŸ‘ and your thoughts in the comments below!
In the 3.x series, the Ember Guides would send you to the release version of the Ember API documentation. Due to changes in Ember and Ember Data, often these redirects would lead you to nowhere.

To fix this issue, @sivakumar-kailasam took on the massive task of updating the links so that the version of Ember API matches that of Ember Guides when redirected. (Thank you!) πŸ’–

The next steps are to fix remaining issues with 3.11 links and introduce tests to check for broken links. We appreciate you for your patience. If you notice additional broken links, please let the Ember Learning Team know in the #dev-ember-learning channel on Discord.
@chancancode made an update for co-located templates in the Quick Start and Core Concepts subsections of the Getting Started section of the Ember Guides.

These changes are part of the work for updating Octane documentation. If you are interested in helping out check out the Quest Issue for Releasing the Octane Guides on GitHub!
This week we'd like to thank @xg-wang, @ghislaineguerin, @yohanmishkin, @jenweber, @locks, @chancancode, @antydemant, @muziejus, @pzuraq, @Exelord, @runspired, @igorT, @lolmaus, @makepanic, @rwjblue and @aklkv for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! πŸ’–
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Submit your own short and sweet question under And don’t worry, there are no silly questions, we appreciate them all - promise! 🀞
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